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Pedestrian-vehicle accidents: A systemic problem

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2022 | Injuries |

In our area of the country, most of us are primarily pedestrians. Unfortunately, pedestrian-vehicle accidents are still a huge issue across the country and here in our state.

A reduction of commuting by foot

According to the American Association of Highway Safety Officials, between 1980 and 2010, commuting by foot to work and entertainment dropped by 50%. Of course, for those of us in urban centers, that average number is likely much less. This transition to more driving exploded the number of vehicle deaths by thousands each year. And, those consequences also effect pedestrians as the more vehicles that are on the road, the more chances there are to hit pedestrians co-occupying them.

Urban versus rural

The U.S. Census and National Household Travel Survey researched where pedestrian accidents occur more frequently. It likely comes as no surprise that the more urban the area, like our area, the more likely we are to be injured or killed in a pedestrian accident. Generally, with a few exceptions, this urban danger plays out throughout the United States.

New York State numbers

Every year, there are about 15,000 pedestrians injured and 300 killed in car accidents on New York State roads and highways. Of those injured pedestrians, over 3,000 are admitted to an area hospital because of their accident injuries. And, those 300 pedestrians killed account for 25% of all traffic fatalities in New York, which means that a pedestrian is killed almost every day in our state.

What we can learn

For our Garden City, Brooklyn and Kings County, New York, readers, these numbers can make one want to buy a car. Of course, we all know that is not always an option or even practical, so we have to learn to live with these pedestrian dangers. But, if we walk more mindfully and reduce our times on the road, we can lessen our chances of being involved in a pedestrian accident. But, if one finds themselves a victim, call our firm. We can help.