Bard PowerPort Lawsuit: Seeking Justice for Victims of Defective Medical Devices

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Content Last Updated:   May 30, 2024

If you or a loved one has experienced complications or injuries due to a Bard PowerPort, you may be entitled to significant legal compensation. Our experienced product liability attorneys are here to help you understand your full rights and options. We are dedicated to holding negligent manufacturers accountable and advocating for individuals harmed by defective medical devices.

At Chopra & Nocerino, we understand the challenges faced by victims harmed by defective medical devices like Bard PowerPorts. With over 20 years of combined experience, our dedicated team of product liability attorneys is committed to seeking justice for injury victims and their families. Call (855) NYC-HURT or reach out to us online to take your first step toward accountability and compensation.

What is a Bard PowerPort?

A Bard PowerPort is a medical device used to facilitate intravenous access. They are commonly used on patients undergoing chemotherapy or other long-term treatments that require repeated access to the vascular system. These devices serve as a semi-permanent conduit for delivering medications, I.V. fluids, parenteral nutrition solutions, and blood products, as well as for taking blood samples.

Manufactured by C.R. Bard, a subsidiary of Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD), these “port-a-catheters” are intended to remain in place for extended periods, often lasting months. The devices consist of two main components: a catheter and a port. The catheter is a thin, flexible tube inserted into a vein, typically in the chest or upper arm. The port is a small, implantable reservoir connected to the catheter via a silicone tube.

Injuries Alleged in Bard PowerPort Lawsuits

Despite the medical benefits of port-a-catheters, BD is facing a rising tide of product liability lawsuits due to risks and complications associated with its Bard PowerPorts. Affected patients who have undergone procedures using Bard PowerPorts may experience the following adverse effects:

  • Infections – One of the most prevalent complications associated with Bard PowerPorts is the risk of infection. Improper placement or maintenance of the device can lead to bacterial contamination, resulting in localized infections at the insertion site or systemic infections throughout the body.
  • Blood Clots – Bard PowerPorts can also increase the risk of blood clots, a condition known as thrombosis. Blood clots obstruct blood flow, leading to tissue ischemia, strokes, pulmonary embolisms, and other significant health risks.
  • Dislocation and Migration – Bard PowerPort components sometimes deteriorate, break off, and become dislocated throughout the body, such as within the heart. This can cause internal damage and may require surgical intervention to reposition or remove dislocated parts. Broken parts can cause perforations, leading to internal bleeding, organ damage, and other serious complications that may require emergency medical treatment.

In general, Bard PowerPorts are prone to mechanical failures, such as catheter rupture, port malfunction, or occlusion. Device failure can result in treatment delays, inadequate medication delivery, and additional surgical procedures to address the issue.

Taking Legal Action: Who Can File a Bard PowerPort Product Liability Lawsuit?

Patients harmed by Bard PowerPorts may be eligible to file a product liability lawsuit. They should consult with an experienced product liability lawyer as soon as possible to preserve their right to seek compensation in court. The following parties may be eligible to file a Bard PowerPort lawsuit:

  1. Patients – Patients harmed by Bard PowerPorts as a result of device defects and malfunctions.
  2. Estate Representatives – If a patient has passed away due to complications related to Bard PowerPorts, their estate representatives may have the legal right to sue for wrongful death and seek compensation on behalf of surviving family members.
  3. Legal Guardians – If the injured patient is a minor or legally incapacitated, their legal guardian or representative may have the authority to pursue legal action on their behalf.

It’s essential to consult with an experienced product liability lawyer to evaluate the specifics of your case and determine whether you have grounds for a Bard PowerPort lawsuit. Our defective medical device lawyers will gather all available evidence and guide you through the legal process to pursue the compensation you deserve for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages.

How Long Do I Have to File a Bard PowerPort Product Liability Lawsuit in New York?

In New York, the statute of limitations governing product liability lawsuits is typically three years from the date of injury or discovery of the injury caused by the defective product. Though certain exceptions may apply, it’s crucial to consult with an experienced product liability attorney to make sure they apply to your case. If the correct deadline passes before you file, your case will be dismissed in court.

Contact the Bard PowerPort Lawyers at Chopra & Nocerino

If you were injured by a Bard PowerPort, call Chopra & Nocerino today to preserve your right to seek legal compensation. Our skilled product liability lawyers offer free, confidential consultations, and you pay nothing unless we win your case.

We are real New Yorkers dedicated to protecting our community against manufacturers of defective medical devices. Call (855) NYC-HURT or fill out our online contact form to learn how we can help.


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