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New York City’s streets and highways see massive traffic volumes featuring a mix of commuters, students, tourists, and commercial vehicles. Unfortunately, this heavy traffic frequently results in auto accidents. In 2023, there were 96,567 motor vehicle crashes across the five boroughs. Of those, 40,253 resulted in injuries, and 263 resulted in fatalities.

These accidents tended to concentrate in certain areas over others. To help you make sense of the areas with the highest risks, our legal team has compiled a list of the top accident hotspots in NYC. To determine the most dangerous roadways in New York, we broke down the number of fatal crashes and injury crashes the city saw in 2023.

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Map showing hotspots of top NYC Hotspots for Traffic Collisions


The Belt Parkway is a major highway connecting Brooklyn and Queens, running along the southern shore of Long Island. In 2023, there were 8 fatal motor vehicle accidents on Belt Parkway, with 614 accidents resulting in injuries.

Altogether, there were 1,338 accidents on the Belt Parkway in that year. It had significantly more accidents than any other road or highway, making it one of the most dangerous roadways in New York City.

Image of Belt Parkway


Manhattan’s Broadway is an iconic road known for its bustling scene and bright lights. However, it’s also one of the most dangerous roads in New York City. In 2023, Broadway saw 6 fatal crashes and 429 crashes that resulted in injuries. Overall, this world-renowned stretch of road saw a total of 838 accidents that year.

The most dangerous intersection on Broadway was at Marcy Avenue, which saw 5 crashes that resulted in injuries. Broadway’s intersections at 37th Avenue, 58th Street, and West 190th Street trailed closely, with 4 injury crashes each.

Sign of Broadway in Manhattan showcasing many colorful showsigns in background and a yellow NYC cab


The Major Deegan Expressway, also known as Interstate 87, is a busy north-south highway running through the Bronx. In 2023, there were 6 fatal crashes and 242 injury crashes on this major highway, with 525 accidents in total. Its intersection with West Fordham Road was the most dangerous in 2023, with 8 crash injuries that year.

Major Deegan Expressway (I-87) in New York City Vintage Photo


Henry Hudson Parkway is another major north-south New York City highway connecting Manhattan and the Bronx. It saw 5 fatal accidents and 176 injury accidents in 2023. Overall, 427 motor vehicle crashes took place on Henry Hudson Parkway in that year.

Henry Hudson Parkway with skyline of buildings in background


Third Avenue, one of the longest roads in New York City, stretches from the Bronx all the way to Lower Manhattan. In 2023, the avenue saw 5 fatal crashes, 273 injury crashes, and 545 accidents in total.

Two intersections with 3rd Avenue saw a particularly high number of accidents in 2023. Respectively, the intersections at 55th Street and 50th Street saw 6 and 5 accidents that resulted in injuries.

Image of 3rd Ave and 3rd Street Intersection NYC


Atlantic Avenue is a major east-west road that runs through Brooklyn and Queens. It was the site of 5 fatal accidents, 359 injury accidents, and 713 total accidents in 2023.

The most dangerous intersection on Atlantic Avenue was at Logan Street, where 11 injury accidents occurred that year. Atlantic Avenue’s intersection with Woodhaven Boulevard was also hazardous, with 9 injury accidents.

Image of Atlantic Avenue sign NYC


The Long Island Expressway, also known as Interstate 495, runs through Queens and connects Manhattan to Long Island. In 2023, the expressway saw 3 fatal accidents and 390 injury accidents, with a total of 835 crashes that year.

Image of Long Island Expressway over Hudson


Jamaica Avenue is another east-west road in Queens that saw many accidents in 2023, including 3 fatal crashes, 203 injury crashes, and 339 total accidents.

Among Jamaica Avenue’s many dangerous intersections, Interstate 678, also known as the Van Wyck Expressway, topped the list with 5 injury accidents. Other common intersections with accidents along Jamaica Avenue include 183rd Street, 211th Street, Francis Lewis Boulevard, Pennsylvania Avenue, and Woodhaven Boulevard, each with 4 injury accidents.

NYC Traffic image of Jamaica Avenue showing car almost hitting pedestrians and bicycle riders


Connecting the Bronx to Queens, Bruckner Expressway, also known as Interstate 278, saw 333 total auto accidents in 2023. Of those, 3 were fatal, and 164 resulted in injuries. The most dangerous intersection on Bruckner Expressway was at Pelham Parkway, which saw 3 injury accidents that year.

Image of sign for 295 Bruckner Expressway going west 295 towards the RKFK Bridge near Bronx River Ave exit


Jerome Avenue is also among New York City’s longest roads, stretching from the Bronx to the city’s northern border. In 2023, this road saw 3 fatal accidents and 123 injury accidents. In total, 249 crashes occurred on Jerome Avenue that year.

Its most dangerous intersections are at Cross Bronx Expressway, which saw 7 injury accidents. Jerome Avenue’s intersection with East 174th Street was also quite dangerous, with 5 injury crashes in 2023.

Jerome Avenue NYC

Where Do Most Accidents Happen in New York?

These Top 10 most dangerous roadways represent a small selection of the dangerous highways and intersections in New York City. The following roads also contributed significantly to the number of New York traffic accidents in 2023 but did not see as many fatalities and injuries:

Brooklyn Queens Expressway

904 total accidents, 389 injury accidents, 2 fatal accidents

FDR Drive

693 total accidents, 273 injury accidents, 1 fatal accident

Grand Central Parkway

657 total accidents, 310 injury accidents, 2 fatal accidents

Cross Island Parkway

555 total accidents, 247 injury accidents, 2 fatal accidents

Linden Boulevard

485 total accidents, 249 injury accidents, 0 fatal accidents

Northern Boulevard

433 total accidents, 229 injury accidents, 1 fatal accident

Van Wyck Expressway

427 total accidents, 191 injury accidents, 0 fatal accidents

Staten Island Expressway

407 total accidents, 131 injury accidents, 1 fatal accident

Cross Bronx Expressway

351 total accidents, 159 injury accidents, 3 fatal accidents


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