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Sameer Chopra
Sameer Chopra, managing partner and personal injury attorney at Chopra & Nocerino, LLP in Garden City, NY

Sameer Chopra is a founding partner at our firm and a successful trial lawyer with 17 years of experience standing up to large corporations, government entities, and wealthy landlords on behalf of injured individuals. He is a true New Yorker and recognized as one of the Nation’s Top One Percent of attorneys by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel. 

He was recognized as a Super Lawyer Rising Star from 2017-2019 and then became a Super Lawyer from 2020 to present. He was also recognized as the 2021 Attorney of the Year by Top 100 Lawyers and was selected by Top Attorneys in North America as a distinguished Exclusive Presidents Circle Attorney for his continued excellence within the legal community.  Sameer has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts, including significant verdicts against the City of New York and/or their affiliated agencies, and independent insurance carriers.

Content Last Updated:   April 23, 2024

Our New York FedEx accident attorneys at Chopra & Nocerino, LLP, are dedicated to supporting injury victims with our extensive legal skills, knowledge, and experience. Our approach combines a deep understanding of the law with a commitment to securing full and fair compensation. We understand the streets of New York and the legal footwork involved in FedEx accident cases. Count on us to fight for your rights every step of the way.

FedEx truck accidents can be severe, leaving you with debilitating injuries and extensive damages. At Chopra & Nocerino, LLP, we understand the devastating impact these accidents can have on drivers and pedestrians alike. 

Our experienced FedEx accident attorneys are here to guide you through each step of the legal claims process. We take pride in representing our community in New York and are the exclusive personal injury law firm of the New York Mets. We’re fighters who treat our clients like family. 

Our team is passionate about helping personal injury victims. No matter the circumstances of your case, we are here to provide high-quality legal assistance and guide you down the path toward full and fair compensation. Do not wait. Schedule your free consultation today.

Coming Out of Left Field: How Do FedEx Accidents Occur?

The constant flow of delivery trucks down New York’s busy streets sets the stage for accidents that can seem to come out of left field. At Chopra & Nocerino, LLP, our New York FedEx accident lawyers understand what it takes to prove liability when folks are injured in auto accidents. We are a full-service personal injury law firm dedicated to assisting accident victims when the unexpected occurs.

New York Traffic and Crowds

FedEx accidents often involve unexpected interactions between delivery trucks and pedestrians. Pedestrians may move unpredictably, especially when distracted. For example, when people cross streets while talking on the phone, texting, or rushing to their destination, they become less aware of their surroundings. 

This can lead to dangerous situations when they step onto the road without checking for oncoming traffic. Even when pedestrians use crosswalks, the sheer volume of people and vehicles on New York’s busy streets can lead to confusion. 

Of course, not every accident involves pedestrians. FedEx trucks can hit other parties, including car drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, skateboarders, and people on e-scooters. If you have been injured by a FedEx truck, the best thing to do is seek medical attention and legal counsel as soon as possible.

Often, FedEx drivers are entirely to blame. The city’s congested streets can make it challenging for large FedEx trucks to maneuver safely. Further, drivers are not immune to distractions and negligence. They may even be working under demanding delivery schedules that pressure them to engage in unsafe driving practices, such as speeding or failing to stop completely at stop signs.

Hitting a Grand Slam With Your Compensation After a FedEx Accident

Understanding your legal right to compensation is key following a FedEx truck accident. At Chopra & Nocerino, LLP, our seasoned New York FedEx accident lawyers will analyze your case and give you an estimated value of your claim. We have what it takes to fight for the full and fair compensation you deserve.

Hit by a FedEx truck in New York? Maximize Your Recovery.

Following a FedEx accident in New York, you are entitled to seek compensation for your injuries and losses. However, depending on the facts of your case, you will probably first need to exhaust the funds available through a no-fault insurance policy. New York is one of the few states that requires all drivers to carry this kind of insurance. 

Once you exhaust these funds, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit, as well as a claim against FedEx’s auto liability insurance. Damages awarded in lawsuits normally fall into three categories: economic, non-economic, and punitive damages.

  • Economic damages – Courts award these damages to reimburse you for financial losses, such as medical expenses, property damage, and lost wages.
  • Non-economic damages – Courts award these damages to reimburse you for more subjective losses, such as pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and permanent disfigurement.
  • Punitive damages – Courts reserve punitive damages as punishment when the defendant’s actions were intentional or egregious. Though this form of damages is rarely awarded, it can significantly contribute to your total compensation when available.

Our FedEx accident attorneys will carefully evaluate the facts of your case and guide you through the legal claims process. You can count on us to handle your case with the utmost care and attention it deserves. Learn more by exploring the verdicts and settlements we have secured on behalf of our clients.

Sliding Into a Successful Settlement

Importantly, not all lawsuits need to be argued at trial. First, your FedEx accident lawyer will attempt to negotiate with the at-fault party and their insurers. In fact, most personal injury cases are settled during this phase. If your lawyer achieves a successful settlement before trial, your case will come to a close without spending additional time and resources arguing in court. 

However, if the at-fault party refuses to compensate you fairly, going to court may be necessary. Our top-tier legal team has the skills, experience, and resources needed to represent you at the negotiation table and in court.

Playing Hardball With Insurance Companies

A FedEx accident will probably leave you dealing with insurance companies eager to diminish or deny the value of your claim. It is best to consult an attorney before you speak with their adjusters, as insurers can never be trusted to keep your best interests at heart. Your lawyer can handle settlement negotiations to make sure you are not taken advantage of and leave no money on the table.

Major League Claims: Determining How Much Your FedEx Accident Claim Is Worth

Understanding the value of your FedEx accident claim can feel like stepping into a major league ballpark without knowing the rules of the game. It can seem impossible to estimate your claim’s value accurately. 

Don’t worry. When you sit down for your free consultation, our attorneys will know how to evaluate your damages and determine how much compensation you can seek. Here are some things we will consider when evaluating your claim:

  • Insurance policies – Policies have coverage limits that set a maximum payout. Further, before suing for compensation, you must meet the criteria to step out of New York’s no-fault insurance system. Your attorney will investigate the details of the insurance policies in question.
  • Degree of injury – The extent and severity of your injuries play a central role in the value of your claim. Courts award more damages for more serious, life-altering injuries. To step out of the no-fault insurance system in New York, accident victims normally must have suffered more than $50,000 in damages or a “serious injury,” which is defined by statute.
  • Comparative Fault – Establishing liability can be tricky. Fortunately, New York is one of the few states that follow a pure comparative negligence rule. Under this law, you can recover damages even if the defendant was only minimally responsible for the accident.

Minor League Claims: Legal Options for Lesser Damages

Not every FedEx accident involves extensive damages. In situations like these, you may wonder whether you need legal representation at all. Long story short, having a FedEx truck attorney on your side is nearly always a wise decision, even when negotiating with your own insurer. This will ensure that you know your rights and are not shortchanged by unscrupulous adjusters.

Handling Minor Property Damage

In cases involving small-scale property damage, your lawyer may settle these issues directly with the insurance companies. Document the damage thoroughly with photos and gather any available witness information. Next, consult with a FedEx injury lawyer before dealing with insurance adjusters. Because we offer free consultations, there is no downside to having your case reviewed.

The Nine Innings of a FedEx Injury Claim

Filing a legal claim is a big deal, and it’s normal for injury victims to have lots of questions. Here is what to expect when you step into the on-deck circle of a FedEx injury case:

  1. Initial contact and case evaluation – In your first meeting, we’ll get the details of your situation, offer a preliminary evaluation of your claim, lay out your legal options, and explain the next steps.
  2. Investigation and evidence collection – We will move on to a thorough and independent investigation of your case, gathering all available evidence to substantiate your claim for compensation.
  3. Medical assessment – We must understand the full extent of your injuries, including any that do not show symptoms immediately after the accident. If you haven’t had a full medical assessment, we’ll help you arrange one.
  4. Insurance policy review – We’ll conduct a thorough review of the insurance policies involved, identifying potential coverage gaps or limits that could impact your compensation.
  5. Determining fault – Once we have all the facts laid out, we’ll work on proving the at-fault party’s liability.
  6. Calculating damages – Next, we’ll use the evidence we gather to calculate your full and fair compensation, including medical expenses, lost wages, and lost future earnings.
  7. Settlement negotiations – We will then begin negotiations with the at-fault party and their insurers. You can count on us to push back hard when insurers try to leave you with the short end of the stick.
  8. Deciding to settle or litigate – Depending on the offers you receive, we’ll help you decide whether to accept or take your case to court. We’ll advise you every step of the way to keep you from swinging at curveball offers.
  9. Trial – If your case goes to trial, we’re ready to fight vigorously for your rights in court. We have the advocacy skills needed to present a compelling case before a judge and jury.


The New York legal system is complicated. However, your FedEx accident attorney will coach you through the entire claims process. At Chopra & Nocerino, LLP, we step up to the plate for injury victims throughout the five boroughs and beyond.

Need an MVP? The Role of an Accident Attorney in a FedEx Truck Accident

Having a Most Valuable Player can turn the tide of your case. Here’s what the FedEx accident attorneys at Chopra & Nocerino, LLP, bring to the table: 

  • Advocating for your rights
  • Drawing on our wealth of experience and legal knowledge 
  • Navigating the legal playbook
  • Deploying our negotiation, litigation, and advocacy skills
  • Comprehensive claim management abilities
  • Understanding the complexities of insurance policies and exclusions

Going Into Extra Innings: Is There a Time Limit to File an Injury Claim Against FedEx?

Yes, there is a time limit to filing an injury claim against a FedEx truck accident claim. It is set by a law known as the statute of limitations. Understanding the time limit for filing an injury claim is crucial to prevent your claim from being time-barred. In New York, the deadline for filing a personal injury lawsuit is generally three years from the date of injury. However, it is only two years if it involves a wrongful death.

Further, the deadlines for filing an insurance claim are normally much, much shorter. For example, you must file your no-fault insurance claim “as soon as reasonably practicable, but in no event more than 30 days after the date of the accident, unless [you submit] written proof providing clear and reasonable justification for the failure to comply with such time limitation.”

The sooner you start working with an auto accident attorney, the easier it is to collect and preserve critical evidence. Don’t wait until the bottom of the ninth to speak to your lawyer. There are no extra innings in FedEx accident cases.

Chopra & Nocerino, LLP: Stepping Up to the Plate for Injury Victims

In the big league of personal injury law, having a seasoned player on your team makes all the difference in the world, especially when dealing with accidents involving FedEx trucks. That’s where our accident attorneys step in. 

At Chopra & Nocerino, LLP, we believe injury victims have a right to top-tier legal assistance, no matter the circumstances. That’s why we offer free consultations and contingency fee payment plans. In other words, there is no downside to having your case reviewed, and you pay nothing unless we win your case. 

Don’t strike out! Schedule your free consultation today by filling out our online contact form.


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