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Brooklyn driver charged in fatal hit and run

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2021 | Injuries |

Statistically, driving is one of the most dangerous acts we do in our lives, and we often do it every day. But, one act that we may not realize can be just as dangerous is walking, even if we are on the sidewalk or in the designated area. This was horrifically shown recently in Brooklyn.

The fatal pedestrian-vehicle accident

According to the New York Police Department, the fatal collision happened Saturday. At about 6:30 at night, a Honda Civic was traveling the wrong way on Gates Avenue in the Clinton Hill neighborhood. Near Vanderbilt Avenue, the Civic collided with a vehicle, which pushed that vehicle onto the sidewalk and into a mother, father and child walking there.

After the collision

The three-month-old baby was in a stroller when it was struck by the vehicle. First responders immediately took her and the father to Brooklyn Hospital Center, and they took the mother to Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital. The baby died at the hospital, and the mother is in critical condition. The father and the driver of the Civic have non-life-threatening injuries. The local woman in the second vehicle was also taken to the hospital, but she was not seriously injured.

Criminal charges

After being treated at the hospital, the Civic driver was arrested and charged. The passengers of the Civic fled and are still on the run. The woman in the second vehicle will not be charged, according to the NYPD.

Deadly weekend

This fatal crash was just one of many fatal accidents this weekend that saw six people lose their lives in auto accidents, along with at least five others injured. As such, as of 2021, traffic fatalities have increased to 188. This is why those in Garden City, New York, injured in auto accidents should contact our firm to fight for their rights and get their justice.