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What Is Insurance Company Surveillance?

  • Insurance company surveillance often starts immediately as part of an insurance claim investigation and is meant to gather evidence to reduce personal injury claim payouts.
  • Common insurance company surveillance tactics include monitoring claimants during business hours, following their social media activity, and conducting periodic surveillance at key points in the claim process, like before major court dates.
  • To protect yourself from insurer surveillance, it’s important to be observant of your surroundings, follow your doctor’s instructions, maintain online privacy, and consult with a skilled personal injury attorney.
  • Chopra & Nocerino offers expert legal representation in personal injury cases under insurance company surveillance.

Insurance company surveillance is a tactic used by insurers to monitor individuals who file personal injury claims seeking compensation. Essentially, it involves the insurer secretly watching and gathering information on injury victims that might contradict or undermine their insurance claims, thereby reducing the amount the insurer ultimately pays in compensation.

In the complex arena of personal injury law, understanding the motives and methods behind insurance company surveillance can be critical to protecting the strength of your case. To safeguard your legal right to compensation, it is helpful to understand why and when insurance companies might spy on you.

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Why Would an Insurance Company Spy on You?

Insurance companies conduct surveillance to protect their bottom line. By collecting evidence that suggests an accident victim’s injuries aren’t as severe as they say or that they are engaging in activities that contradict their insurance claims, adjusters aim to reduce the amount they have to pay out. This tactic is part of a broader strategy to protect their financial interests.

When Do They Conduct Surveillance?

Insurance company surveillance can happen throughout the life of a case. However, they tend to strategically concentrate this kind of clandestine activity in certain key moments, including:

At the Beginning of Your Claim and Throughout

Insurance companies usually begin surveillance soon after you file a claim. They may also conduct additional surveillance if they discover new information about you down the road. This may happen multiple times before your claim is settled or taken to court.

During Normal Business Hours, Weekends, and Holidays

Daylight hours provide prime filming conditions for insurers hunting for footage. Surveillance is also easier when people are outside their homes, typically during regular business hours.

Oftentimes, insurance companies will also surveil you when they send you to visit one of their doctors for an examination. Further, they may also monitor you when you’re likely to be active, like weekends or holidays.

How Long Will Surveillance Last?

Preliminary insurance company surveillance typically takes place over three days or so. Why? Because that’s considered enough time to get an adequate sampling of your activities. However, after their initial three-day stint, companies may continue to monitor you. For example, insurers are likely to continue surveillance at pivotal moments in your case, such as right before a major court date or a settlement meeting.

Tips if You Think an Insurance Company Is Watching You

Understandably, many of our personal injury clients are surprised to learn that insurers may be secretly monitoring their activities. The following tips should help protect your privacy and right to compensation for injuries sustained at little to no fault of your own.

  • Be Aware of Your Surroundings – Pay attention to unfamiliar vehicles or individuals who seem out of place in your neighborhood.
  • Listen to Your Doctor – Adhere strictly to the physical limitations and activities as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Maintain Privacy Online – Be cautious when posting on social media, as insurers often scour these platforms for contradictory evidence.
  • Consult Your Attorney – If you suspect you’re being watched, inform your lawyer immediately. They can provide guidance and take necessary legal steps to protect your interests.

Are You Being Surveilled By Insurers? Chopra & Nocerino, LLC Is Ready to Fight Back.

Navigating the complexities of a personal injury case, especially under the watchful eye of adjusters eager to deny your claim, requires not just legal knowledge but a deep understanding of the surveillance tactics used by insurance companies. At Chopra & Nocerino, our skilled legal team brings a wealth of experience and a keen insight into these practices, ensuring that our clients are not only well-represented but also well-protected against invasive tactics used by unscrupulous adjusters.

If you’re dealing with a personal injury case and suspect you’re under surveillance by an insurance company, it’s time to reach out to the experts. Contact Chopra & Nocerino by calling (855) 692-4878 or filling out our online contact form.

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