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4 common causes of scaffold injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2018 | Scaffolding Accidents |

Being on scaffolding is a very common part of construction work. Many of the construction workers here in New York do work tasks on supported scaffolds, suspended scaffolds or scaffold-like equipment (such as aerial lifts).

Unfortunately, workers sometimes suffer injuries while on these structures. Scaffolding injuries can have major implications for a worker’s life and future. So, getting fair compensation to help cope with these ramifications can be very important for victims of such injuries.

What are common causes of scaffold injuries? Today, we’ll go over four types of scaffolding accidents that are commonly behind such injuries.


Given the great heights scaffolds can be at, falling from a scaffold can expose construction workers to particularly severe injuries. This is why it is so important for construction companies to take proper fall protection measures when it comes to work done on scaffolds at their construction sites.

Struck-by incidents

At construction sites with scaffolding, work might be occurring at a lot of different levels. When tools, debris or other materials fall from one level to another, they could end up striking workers. This could leave workers with head trauma or other significant injuries. So, how secured tools and materials are at such work sites matters considerably.

Electrical shocks

When scaffolding gets too close to power lines, workers could be exposed to major electrical shock risks. So, among the many things it is critical for construction companies to factor in when deciding where to locate a given scaffold is where the power lines in the area are.

Scaffold collapses

When a scaffold collapses, both the workers on the scaffold and those vicinity of the scaffold could end up being seriously injured. A variety of things could lead to scaffolding collapses. One is if the scaffolding wasn’t erected properly. Another is if too much weight was put on the scaffold. So, it is important for construction companies to have proper rules and policies regarding scaffolding installation and scaffolding weight limits at their sites.