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Compensation For Serious Burn Injuries

Serious burn injuries occur just about anywhere: at home, at work or while driving to work. Injuries caused by fires, explosions, toxic chemical exposure and electric shock can be extremely painful and require long recovery time.

After suffering a burn injury, undertaking simple daily tasks can become extremely difficult or impossible. It’s understandable if the thought furthest from your mind is meeting with an attorney. However, when you are faced with medical costs, the possibility of being unable to return to the type of work you used to do and a confusing outlook, the best step to take is consulting with an experienced burn injury attorney.

If you suffered serious burn injuries or significant property loss in a fire or explosion caused by someone else’s negligence, you have the right to file a claim for compensation from the negligent party.

Our New York firm has experienced lawyers who can answer your questions about where to turn for compensation for your burn injuries. Our attorneys know that sudden injuries can cause overwhelming chaos and fear about what lies ahead for you. Call us at 855-NYC-HURT (855-692-4878).

Are You Suffering From Serious Burn Injuries?

First-degree burns are those that affect just the outer layer of skin. Third- and fourth-degree burns severely damage underlying tissue beneath the skin and can lead to permanent disfigurement and scarring.

Other serious effects of burn injuries are infections, bronchial problems from smoke inhalation and extreme sensitivity to temperature changes. Fires have many causes in both the home and workplace, including defective products and property that is improperly maintained. If a defective product or negligent maintenance results in a fire, the manufacturer of that product or the individual in charge of maintenance can be held responsible for your and your loved ones’ injuries.

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At Chopra & Nocerino, LLP, our attorneys are experienced with helping families in New York recover maximum compensation for their burn injuries, property damage and the sudden loss of their loved ones. Call us at 855-NYC-HURT (855-692-4878) for a free consultation with an attorney who speaks English or Spanish. You may also email our Garden City office.

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