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Special rules for certain construction accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2022 | Construction Accidents |

Construction sites have many inherent dangers and construction workers need to deal with these dangers. To ensure their safety, there are various types of safety equipment that need to be provided to the construction workers. When the safety equipment is provided and used properly, it can keep the workers safe, but in situations when it is not, workers can suffer serious injuries in construction accidents as a result.

Construction workers who suffer injuries in construction accidents may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for most injuries. These benefits can cover a portion of lost income and medical bills associated with the injury, but that is where workers’ compensation benefits stop.

In certain situations, injured construction workers may be entitled to more than that. If people suffer the injuries due to a fall because of improperly constructed scaffolding or other equipment workers use to work at heights, they may be entitled to even more.

Basic protections under Labor Law 240

Under New York Labor Law 240, all owners and general contractors must ensure that scaffolding is constructed properly and have the proper guard rails on the outside, that ladders function correctly and other equipment designed to keep workers safe at heights are used correctly. If they do not do this, the worker may be entitled to more compensation such as all of the lost income and pain and suffering as well.

This law imposes all of the liability on the owner or contractors in charge of the construction site for the injury. If the equipment was not constructed correctly, the workers’ actions do not matter.

Working at heights is a major part of many construction projects in New York. There are different equipment that is used to keep workers from falling and when used correctly protect workers. However, sometimes the equipment is faulty or not constructed properly. In workers are injured as a result, the owners or contractors may be required to compensate the workers for their injuries. Experienced attorneys understand the scaffolding laws and may be a useful resource.