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Burn injuries can leave a person disabled and scarred  

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2022 | Injuries |

Many people in the Brooklyn area will suffer a first-degree burn at some point in their lives. Even sunburns fall into this category. Thankfully, these burns, which only affect the outer layer of the skin, are easy to treat and almost always resolve themselves.

Although much less common, too many people will suffer more severe burns of the third degree or the fourth degree. As an aside, some second degree burns can also cause major pain and other medical problems.

These burns affect all layers of the skin and reach fat tissue underneath the skin. They can cause nerve damage.

When someone has been seriously burned in one or several locations, they may have long-term debilitating injuries. The most serious burns are life threatening, as a burn victim is prone to dangerous infections as well as hypothermia and blood loss.

Significant scarring is also a symptom of burns. Aside from disfiguring a person, scars can cause their own set of medical problems.

A burn victim will likely have significant medical bills and other expenses after an accident. They also may have to take a long time, months, off of work, assuming they still can work in their trades or professions.

Not surprisingly, the non-economic losses from a burn injury, such as pain and suffering, are also steep.

When someone else is legally responsible for a victim’s burn injury

Often, the burn victim is not responsible for their injuries.

New York residents suffer burns for many different reasons. Motor vehicle accidents, construction site hazards and conditions on a piece of family or business property can call cause serious burn injuries. In these types of cases, a negligent driver or careless contractor or landowner can be at fault for the victim’s burns.

After a car accident or other injury involving a major burn, the injured can seek out legal assistance to learn about their options for getting compensation.