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Spinal trauma leads to severe emotional, financial fallout

On Behalf of | May 25, 2022 | Injuries |

The exact consequences of a spinal cord injury depend on a lot of circumstances, but for all but the luckiest people, the emotional and financial fallout is severe.

The spinal cord is a delicate and important part of the body. If it gets damaged in any way, a permanent physical injury is almost inevitable.

After a spinal cord injury, most people will experience limited mobility below the waist.

Sadly, just over 1 in 3 people will experience complete paralysis, with 20% of all patients suffering paralysis from below the neck and almost 15% experiencing paralysis below the waist.

The exact cost for care after these injuries depends a lot on the severity of the injury and the age of the victim. At the high end, a 25-year-old who suffers paralysis from the neck down will have to pay over $4.7 million in out-of-pocket costs for medical care.

Any spinal cord injury patient, though, will likely pay over $1 million.

Bear in mind that these costs do not include lost wages and also do not account for the emotional and other difficulties associated with suffering from and then learning to live with a spinal cord injury.

Most spinal cord injuries happen because of preventable accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are the most common cause of spinal cord injuries. Among these injuries, many happen to innocent victims of a negligent or reckless driver.

Falling is the second most common cause of spinal cord injuries. Like motor vehicle accidents, falls are often preventable. Workers often fall because of dangerous working conditions, including defective scaffolding.

Likewise, members of the public may fall on a business’s or homeowner’s property because of a defective condition, like an uneven or slippery sidewalk or stairway.

After a spinal cord injury, a resident of Brooklyn or the surrounding communities may be entitled to receive compensation. They will no doubt need it after their accident.