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New York’s Scaffold Law continues to be controversial

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2022 | Scaffolding Accidents |

Construction workers are protected by a number of laws, but unfortunately these laws don’t always achieve what they are supposed to do.

One controversial measure that is supposed to protect New York construction workers is Labor Law 240, commonly known as the Scaffold Law. While the law was originally meant to protect keep workers safer in a potentially dangerous occupation, critics claim it fails at its objective and may be counterproductive for the construction industry.

The Scaffold Law has been around for a long time

The Scaffold Law has been around since 1885.. Essentially, it holds owners and contractors liable for damages stemming from accidents in which workers were injured due to elevation-related hazards if the employers failed to provide workers with adequate safety devices. The law came into effect at the very dawn of New York’s age of skyscrapers, and has been controversial ever since.

Critics of the Scaffold Law say the law is outdated and that courts are too quick to apply it to situations that were never contemplated back when the law was first enacted. Others say it does little to protect workers’ safety. Some developers complain that the Scaffold Law drives up construction costs.

The other side of the coin

On the other hand, the injuries involved in these accidents can be devastating to workers and their whole families. The medical expenses can be enormous and badly injured people may never be able to earn a living again. These workers and their families need all the help they can get to rebuild their lives after an accident.

If you have been injured in a similar accident on the job, the expertise of a personal injury New York lawyer may prove to be invaluable to your case.

The lawyers of Chopra & Nocerino, LLP, can educate you about your rights and they will stay by your side and hopefully help you to achieve results that you deserve. You deserve and need compensation. You did not choose to have the accident but you deserve to continue to lead a full, comfortable life in any case.