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Standing Up For The Rights Of Cyclists

Cycling is a great way to commute in New York City. Unfortunately, far too many cyclists suffer serious injuries because of negligent drivers.

If you were riding a bicycle and were hit or otherwise injured by a driver, motorcyclist, pedestrian or another party, you have the right to seek compensation. At Chopra & Nocerino, LLP, our attorneys have decades of combined experience representing injured cyclists. With multiple multimillion-dollar settlements and verdicts under our belts, we are the firm to assist you.

Leveling The Playing Field For Cyclists

Many insurance companies, law enforcement officers and courts do not take bicyclists’ claims seriously – even the negligent drivers who caused the accident. They try to shift the blame to the cyclist instead of the party that caused the accident.

A personal injury attorney from Chopra & Nocerino, LLP, can help give you the benefit of doubt by clearly explaining the evidence of your case. As a cyclist, you deserve a fair case – especially after everything you have already endured from your injury.

Did Your Accident Happen A While Ago? That’s Okay.

Some injuries do not manifest until many months after an accident. Even if you did not initially report your accident or notice any injuries, you may still have a case. Chopra & Nocerino, LLP, has helped many cyclists in your position who did not come forward immediately. Often, we can still reach a settlement or court verdict to help pay for your damages.

Get A Free Consultation To Stand Up For Your Rights

Chopra & Nocerino, LLP, has two convenient office locations in Garden City and New York City. We provide free consultations and we work on contingency, so you will not pay any fees or costs unless we win compensation for you. To schedule a free appointment, call 212-868-3600 or send us an email.