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My name is Pavlo Pavlados. I’m an associate here at Chopra Nocerino. I’ve been working here since August of 2023. What motivated me to get into law and to become an attorney? Honestly, my family. I’m a first generation from Greece. My parents were from Greece. And I was the first person in my family to go to college. And I had a lot of pressure, so to speak, to do something in a professional setting, whether it be go to law school, medical school, whatever it is, and I had taken some business law classes in high school and in my undergrad, and I really enjoyed it and I thought it was a good career to pursue. I’ve been in personal injury for most of my career, but I was actually doing defense work for the first eight years, and I kind of got to know how everything worked. I got to see the ins and outs of how it worked on the other side. I wanted to experience the whole game, so to speak. So I wanted to come over to the plaintiff’s side, and I kind of wanted to do the more what I view as a more moral thing and help the people that were actually injured and the victims from these accidents. I think that my colleagues would describe me as a hard worker. Like I said, I’m looking to help people. I’m looking to help the victims from these accidents, and our job as attorneys are to stay on top of everything and to really help our clients navigate through what could be a really difficult time. I mean, they’re seeing a bunch of different doctors and everything. So the way I view my job is that I have to do everything I can to stay on top of them and stay on top of the case and make sure everything’s moving properly. The reason why I think Chopra Nocerino is the best law firm in New York is we fight for our clients to the death. We get our clients what they deserve, and we advocate for them zealously to us and to our clients. It’s the right thing to do, and our clients appreciate it, and the results speak for themselves.

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