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Content Last Updated:   April 3, 2024

Queens is known for its nearly constant construction. In 2023 alone, residents saw the Willets Point Transformation break ground, Queens Boulevard in Woodside get a total revamp, the construction of 25-01 Queens Plaza North, and discussions about a series of projects in College Point. With so much construction activity around, hearing the ping of hammers or the sound of large trucks is part of everyday life.

All construction sites buzz with activity. Between the scaffolding, trenches, heavy machinery, and debris, they are also filled with hazards. One wrong move could lead to a call to 911. Those who suffer injuries in construction zones should seek help from a Queens construction accident lawyer who can protect their rights. 

As the exclusive personal injury law firm of the New York Mets, we’re ready to go to bat for you. We’ll help you understand the steps you should take to pursue a construction accident claim and seek the full and fair compensation you deserve. Call (855) NYC-HURT or fill out our online contact form to schedule your free consultation.

Why Choose Chopra & Nocerino for Construction Accident Cases in Queens, NY?

At Chopra & Nocerino, we know that construction accidents can have life-altering consequences. Our role is to help you and your family by providing high-quality legal representation. Our knowledgeable attorneys have many years of experience handling construction accident cases. 

We will step up to the plate both in and out of court. When the at-fault party and their insurers try to minimize or deny the full and fair value of your claim, you can count on us to push back hard.

“I highly recommend this law firm.  The attorneys and staff are professional, knowledgeable, very thorough and compassionate.  They truly work hard to get the best outcome for their clients.  You will not be pressured to take an offer when they know you deserve more for your injuries.  I am truly blessed to have been referred to Chopra & Nocerino.”

– Deborah Cullum

Our firm has secured hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients. Our case results and client testimonials speak for themselves:

Construction Accident Case Results that Chopra & Nocerino Have Secured

A male construction worker, age 28, suffered a severe hand injury requiring surgery.

A male construction worker, age 28, suffered a severe hand injury requiring surgery.

A male construction worker, age 42, fell off a ladder and injured his spine in Manhattan, New York.

A male construction worker, age 42, fell off a ladder and injured his spine in Manhattan, New York.

49-year-old female electrician fell off scaffolding and sustained shoulder and neck injuries

49-year-old female electrician fell off scaffolding and sustained shoulder and neck injuries

If you or someone you love were injured in a New York construction accident, reach out to Chopra & Nocerino. We are a full-service personal injury law firm defending the rights of injury victims throughout all five boroughs of New York. Below are some of the neighborhoods we serve in Queens:

  • Corona
  • Jackson Heights
  • Elmhurst
  • Rego Park
  • Ridgewood
  • Woodhaven
  • Pomonk

What Compensation Can I Expect From A Construction Accident Claim?

Depending on who caused the accident, your legal options may differ. For instance, if you get hurt while working for your employer on a work site, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation, which typically provides coverage for lost wages, medical expenses, and disability. 

Though you can’t sue your employer if you are eligible for workers’ compensation, you may also be able to file a lawsuit against a third party. For instance, if you’re hurt by a negligent third-party vendor while on the clock, the vendor may be liable for some or all of your damages. 

There’s no way to know exactly how much your case is worth without a close look at the particular circumstances. Our construction accident attorneys can review your case in your free consultation and give you a good idea of how much it might be worth. If you are eligible to sue, you could pursue:  

  • Economic damages to cover lost wages, medical bills, and other monetary losses. 
  • Non-economic damages to cover the more subjective aspects of your injuries and losses, such as pain, suffering, and lowered quality of life.
  • Punitive damages may be ordered in certain cases to punish a defendant who was particularly reckless or malicious.

FAQs About Construction Accidents in Queens, NY

1. How Long Do I Have To File A Construction Accident Claim?

In New York, you normally have three years from the date of your personal injury to file a lawsuit. Though there are exceptions, if you don’t file before that deadline, you will likely lose your right to seek compensation in court.

The deadlines are different for workers’ compensation claims. You must notify your employer within 30 days after the incident, preferably in writing. Further, you have two years to file a workers’ compensation claim.

2. What if I Am Partially At Fault for the Construction Accident?

Workers’ compensation is no-fault insurance. This means eligible employees are covered regardless of who caused the accident. 

Further, in New York, even those who are partially at fault can collect compensation through a lawsuit. The amount of damages you recover will be reduced proportionally based on how much fault you’re assigned. For example, if you were 20 percent at fault and suffered $100,000 in damages, you may still collect $80,000.

Knowing Your Rights as a Construction Worker in Queens, NY

As a construction worker in Queens, you need to know your rights. Numerous workplace safety laws help keep you secure on the job. These include: 

  • Right to a Safe Workplace – Section 200 of the New York Labor Law states that employers must operate and maintain reasonably safe work environments. While it’s not possible to eliminate all hazards on a construction site, employers, managers, and property owners are required to take steps to warn their workers about potential hazards and to remedy them when possible. 
  • The Scaffold Law – Section 240 provides important protections for construction workers at risk of suffering falls. For example, Subsection 2 states that employers need to have safety rails installed on any scaffolding that’s going to be used 20 or more feet above ground. The safety railing should enclose the full length of the scaffolding to prevent falls, and the scaffolding itself should hold at least four times the weight of the objects and people using it. 
  • Additional Protections for Construction Workers – Section 241 features many different requirements, including covering open shafts, stairwells, and hatchways with two-inch or thicker planks. 

These are just some of the protections you should know about as a construction worker in Queens. If you were hurt on the job due to violations, you may be entitled to compensation.

Who Can Be Liable For A Construction Accident In Queens?

Various parties may be held liable for the injuries or deaths that occur in construction accidents. Potentially liable parties may include:

  • Construction Site Owners – Site owners might be liable, especially if the accident resulted from inherent site hazards they knew or should have known about.
  • General Contractors and Subcontractors – These parties have a duty to ensure the work environment is safe, adhering to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and other safety regulations. Failure to do so can result in liability.
  • Architects and Engineers – They are responsible for the design and sometimes the oversight of construction. They can be held liable for accidents stemming from design flaws, inadequate instructions, or failure to monitor compliance with safety standards and building codes.
  • Equipment Manufacturers – If an accident is caused by defective construction machinery or tools, the manufacturer can be held liable under product liability laws.
  • Material Suppliers – Suppliers may be liable if the accident was caused by faulty materials that failed to meet safety standards or specifications.

Determining liability in construction accidents requires a thorough legal and factual analysis, taking into account contracts, the direct and indirect actions of the parties involved, and the specific circumstances leading to the accident. Our experienced construction accident attorneys can navigate these complexities to identify all potential sources of liability.

Causes and Injuries in New York Construction Accidents

Construction sites are inherently risky environments, with various hazards that can lead to accidents. Understanding common causes and the types of injuries that can result is crucial for implementing safety measures and protocols. Here’s an overview:

Common Causes of Construction Accidents

  • Falls – From scaffolding, ladders, and roofs.
  • Struck-By Incidents – Involving falling objects, swinging construction materials, or moving vehicles.
  • Electrocutions – Due to contact with power lines, improper use of equipment, or exposed wiring.
  • Machinery Accidents – Involving heavy machinery such as cranes, bulldozers, and forklifts.
  • Exposure to Hazardous Materials – Including chemicals, asbestos, and silica.
  • Trench or Structure Collapses – Leading to workers being trapped or buried.
  • Fires and Explosions – Due to flammable materials or gasses.

Common Injuries in Construction Accidents

  • Broken Bones – From falls, being struck by objects, or accidents involving heavy machinery.
  • Head Injuries – Including traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) from falls or being struck by objects.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries and Paralysis – Due to severe falls or being caught between heavy objects.
  • Cuts and Lacerations – From tools, machinery, and materials.
  • Burns – From fires, explosions, or electrical accidents.
  • Amputations – Resulting from machinery accidents or severe injuries that necessitate surgical removal of a limb.
  • Hearing Loss – Due to prolonged exposure to loud noises without proper ear protection.
  • Respiratory Diseases – From inhaling dust, chemicals, or toxic substances like asbestos.
  • Overexertion and Repetitive Stress Injuries – From manual labor, lifting, and repetitive motions. 
  • Eye Injuries – Due to flying debris, dust, or chemical splashes, potentially leading to temporary or permanent vision loss.

Addressing these injuries and their underlying causes through rigorous safety standards, training, and protective gear is essential for minimizing the risk of accidents on construction sites.

Life Threw You a Curveball? Contact Chopra & Nocerino Today To Fight for Your Interests

Construction sites are some of the most hazardous places to work, and employers have a responsibility to keep them as safe as possible. If you or someone you know gets hurt on the job, it’s essential that you contact a Queens construction accident attorney for support. We are here to help. Call (855) NYC-HURT or fill out our online contact form to schedule your free consultation.

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