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My name is Christine Duchatelier. I am an attorney here at Chopra Nocerino. I joined the firm in February of 2024. By the time I graduated from law school, I was 23 and I just knew that I wanted to be a lawyer. I wanted to fight for people’s rights. I wanted to defend people. I wanted to be someone who helped people that were in trouble. I didn’t know what area that would be in because there’s so many different areas of law, but injury really drew me in, just because when you have someone who has been injured, the insurance companies, they just want to wrong them. Very often, I think my colleagues would describe me as someone who is always willing to jump in and help wherever help is needed. I’m not waiting for someone to tell me to do something. Sometimes I’ll just do it and then tell them that it’s done. My clients would describe me as someone who is easy to talk to. My clients, they know they can call me anytime. I’ll always answer their questions, and, you know, often times because you’re an attorney, they think that you’re busy and we are busy, but I make sure that they know they can call me at any time. Even if you called me yesterday and you want to call me again today, call me today, and I’ll answer whatever questions that you have. I help ensure that my clients feel supported throughout the lawsuit process by letting them know that we got the legal. You take care of yourself, you see your doctors, you get the treatment that you need, you focus on your recovery, and let us focus on all of the legal stuff, the legal part, we got that you take care of yourself.

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