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Reducing the number of falls on New York jobsites

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2019 | Construction Accidents |

If you work in construction in New York, you know that many of these projects are vertical. Tall buildings are common in this area, and you may find yourself working from heights on a regular basis. Your job may come with certain inherent risks, but that does not mean you should face unnecessary exposure to preventable safety concerns.

One of the most important steps for construction site managers and employers is to prevent falls as much as possible. Falls are some of the most common jobsite accidents, and these types of incidents are significantly more likely to result in serious or fatal injuries. To reduce the number of these incidents and keep workers safe, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has a prevention campaign to promote fall awareness.

Staying safe

One of the most important roles your employer has is to do whatever is necessary to keep workers as safe as possible. He or she should implement safety standards and enforce them to help each worker do his or her job effectively and with as little physical risk as possible. According to OSHA, the following steps can help reduce the number of falls on jobsites:

  • Proper planning for each and every project allows for the identification of potentially hazardous tasks, safety equipment needed and other necessary steps for that specific protect.
  • Providing safety equipment to each worker can help prevent falls. If you will have to work from any height, you should have access to properly maintained ladders, safe scaffolding, safety harnesses and more.
  • Training all workers on safe practices on jobsites can help, as can ensuring that each worker knows how to use the safety equipment needed for his or her job.

These simple steps can significant reduce the chance of an accident that could leave you gravely injured. Raising awareness and working on ways to make construction work safer benefits both employers and the men and women who work in this field.

Hurt in a fall?

If you suffered injuries in a fall on a construction site, you have certain rights. You can seek financial support through a workers’ compensation claim in efforts to get what you need to address your medical bills, get better and eventually return to the workforce.

Falls are often serious, and you may want to discuss with a legal professional how you can maximize your workers’ compensation claim and get the full amount of benefits you deserve.