Why should I hire Chopra & Nocerino for my New York car accident claim?

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Why should someone hire Chopra & Nocerino for their car accident claim? The answer to that is very simple. When you have a law firm that really spends a lot of time handling the type of case, in this case car accident cases, and they know all the nuances of a car accident case. They know the best ways to extract the most amount of money possible from the insurance company. We do things on cases that many other firms do not do. We go above and beyond. One is we’re very aggressive on the cases. A lot of other firms, and we see this when we take over cases from other firms, is they will hold the case and then present it to the insurance company and say, please may I have a little bit of money? Then the insurance company offers them a little bit of money, and then they recommend it to the client, and the client’s not happy, and they call us. We find that that’s the worst way to try and maximize, recovery. So instead, as soon as we realize that the client’s hurt, we file a lawsuit. Okay? There’s no please may I have a little bit of money. It’s we’re going to attack. We’re gonna do everything possible to end up at trial with the least amount of time possible, but by getting all the evidence possible. So we feel that our approach of being very aggressive on the litigation end of things ends with the best recovery possible in the quickest amount of time. And that’s why you would choose us over another firm.

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