What is the difference between a good attorney and a bad attorney?

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A bad attorney should be able to be spotted right away. And then, unfortunately, like I said, and I’m not trying to knock my community, but there is a stigma with personal injury attorneys, and that should be brought to the forefront right away, and that is ambulance chasers. So that stigma is true for people who are bad attorneys because they are chasing cases. Typically speaking, someone who knows what they’re doing is not chasing cases. So if you ever see somebody who comes to the hospital or runs to you or or tries to offer you money for a case or tells you I can make you this, that, and the other and give you something to sign right away and you don’t even know what you’re signing, that is a bad attorney and that’s illegal. That’s improper. It’s unethical. We frown upon that. We here do not do that. Another way to figure out a bad attorney is, are they telling you what’s going on in your case throughout the case, and are they showing you what they’ve actually litigated, because that is important. They could say they’re doing x, y, and z, but are they doing x, y, and z? Do they properly understand the nicks and crannies of litigation, what to ask for, what to file motions for, what is acceptable versus unacceptable, and what to take as a yes or no from the opposing side. Because oftentimes you’ll be met with battle, and if you’re not ready to go to war, because we’re here to win the war, not every little battle. You need to know that your attorney knows which battles to pursue and which ones not to pursue, and I think you will be able to answer those your own questions by speaking with your attorney about issues related to your case.

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