What happens if a distracted driver hits a pedestrian in New York?

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If a distracted driver hits a pedestrian, we probably wouldn’t know that right away. So it’s important for us to cross all our t’s and dot our i’s. But we never wanna assume that that might not be the case. Oftentimes, we may hire an expert to go pull data from the vehicle, which might indicate or show he may have never seen somebody. He shouldn’t be accelerating through an intersection if somebody was in the intersection, and the fact that he was not breaking or going slow at the time would show that he never saw the person. So there’s circumstantial evidence that could help prove certain points in the case, and we can’t discount any of those factors when litigating a case. So this might be a judgment call for the attorney to make depending on the magnitude of the injuries, maybe the force of impact, and what transpired at the time of the accident. Maybe your client told you, or one of our clients tells us, there’s no way he saw me. He hit me at a 100 miles per hour. Well, we probably want to get that information. So that’s one example of evidence that you may wanna consider and collect, review, inspect to help determine a case outcome. There are other options or things to consider as well, of course.

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