What are the common challenges in a pedestrian accident claim in New York?

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One of the common challenges with pedestrian accident claims are not knowing the car that was responsible for the accident. So sometimes you can get a client that’s hurt very badly, they’re put in a coma, they don’t know what car hit them, they don’t, have any description of the vehicle, they don’t have a license plate, and, without any of the information to even get going, it could be very difficult to try and establish a claim against the responsible party. That can be done through different methods. One of which is, canvassing the scene, trying to get video footage, trying to get eyewitnesses. Another challenge with, pedestrian cases is they are often lower coverage. People that tend to have lower policies tend to drive more recklessly. Okay? People with $10,000,000 policies or corporate vehicles are much careful about not hitting people on the roadway. So a lot of times when you have pedestrian cases where people have are very, very badly hurt, there’s either no insurance because it’s a stolen vehicle or a vehicle that wasn’t registered or insured or it has the state minimum. So those are 2 of the pitfalls of a case that involves a pedestrian knockdown. Sometimes though, when you have a pedestrian knockdown case and there is a lot of insurance coverage, those are the types of cases that the insurance companies are most fearful of. Because historically, jury verdicts are much higher when it involves a pedestrian even with the same injuries or surgeries.

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