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My name is Todd Arbesfeld. I’m an attorney at the firm of Chopra Nocerino. I started here in July of 2023. What got me here is actually a very interesting question. I had my own law firm for the last 15 years, and I had been working of counsel to Chopra Nocerino, and I was doing depositions on a lot of the cases. They were hiring me on an off-council basis and they were handing me files to work on of some pretty significant magnitude, and I liked the cases I was working on, and to me, it appeared that they had nicer cases than a lot of the other law firms I’ve been working with. Him and I really hit it off back then, and about two years ago, I saw he had a commercial on tv. So I sent him a text message saying, wow, I saw you and Alex doing a commercial and I’m pretty impressed. Then within that week, he contacted me and asked me if I was still doing the same thing, I said yes. He says, would you be interested in coming and helping us out? It seemed like a natural fit for me. Part of the work which I’m most passionate about, I like helping people who have been injured and who feel like the system is against them. People hire lawyers because they don’t know how to maneuver through sometimes complex systems whereby insurance carriers and even other defense lawyers do everything they can to not help them, and by being an advocate for people who’ve been injured is a really good feeling. This is a law firm which takes their cases very seriously. This is a law firm that has passion for their clients. Never worked with lawyers before, and I could honestly say this, who are more passionate about their clients, who go above and beyond the scope of really what their representation normally is in order to make sure that the clients succeed, that the cases succeed. I’ve never seen a firm get better results for the clients than Chopra and Nocerino. I can say that with all honesty.

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