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My name is Sameer Chopra. I’m the founder, owner and partner at this law firm. We found Chopra no Sereno in about 2010, but the discussion started earlier than that. Obviously, I had known Alex when I was 18 years old. And back then, we both decided we wanted to become attorneys. And at that time, I told him, at one day, we will open up a law firm, and we’ll name it Chopra Nocerino. And that’s pretty much what happened. One day, I was at one firm, he was another. I had a massive case. I said, I have a lot of good things happening. Let’s join now. And that’s how the firm really solidified. And he jumped ship, and we joined. We partnered up, and we lived out the dream since we were 18 years old. We specialize in personal injury. We do not deviate from that. It’s very important for us to stay true to what we do and master that craft. You are actually helping people, and that’s something I enjoy doing. Awards, recognitions, things of that nature really don’t matter to me. I never did this or do anything with that in mind. I tell this firm that every single victory, every single award, every single thing that we do or achievement that we accomplish is a unified team effort. It’s not about me. It’s not about my partner. It’s not about one individual attorney. I do it for the right reasons. And that’s what separates us apart, I think, from everybody. We’re not running or chasing. We never sell a case short for purposes of gain, ever. So even if I lose, I’d rather lose swinging. We do a lot for this community. We do a lot for humanity in general. The general welfare of people is what we care about.

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