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My name is Michael Ma. I’m an associate. I’m the senior associate here. I’ve been an attorney since 2010. And I started at a firm in Manhattan, literally as a person that basically was in the copy room scanning documents, getting coffee, and, you know, once they realized, you know, I wasn’t an idiot, they put me on the phones in the front. Started as a receptionist, and then the file clerk, and then a paralegal, and then I was the senior paralegal. I was charged with calendar, then eventually worked my way to law school. I cut my teeth at that firm for about, I think, two years before I moved around and found a firm I was with in Brooklyn. I was there for about eight, nine years. I was the managing attorney at that firm. Mister Chopra gave me a call and said that he was hiring. He wanted to see if I could make a lateral jump, and we had dinner. The rest is history. What I’m most passionate about in my work is definitely the clients and their reactions when we get them the results. I’ve had clients, you know, break down in tears and happiness. I’ve had them hug me. I’ve had them, you know, scream in shock and be like, no way, no way. I, like you, did not just do that for me. I was not expecting that. They’re victims to something that they had no control over, and we have to make the best out of a bad situation. To see their reactions, their happiness, and to read some of the reviews afterwards definitely makes everything worth it.

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