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I had a scary phone call one day from my mother telling me that my niece in Texas was at a bonfire. Everybody was hanging out, having a good time, and all of a sudden they heard a loud snap and crackle. Everybody turned around and saw a tree starting to fall. Everybody got up and ran.

Unfortunately, my niece wasn’t one of the better ones to go in the right direction when the tree fell on top of her. It severely injured her back. She had to have extreme surgery. To think I was gonna lose my niece was terrifying. So I needed somebody who I needed advice for or who knew somebody or might know somebody.

Sameer was the guy I called immediately and God bless him. Next morning I had a phone call letting me know he’s already in Texas going to meet my sister the following morning. There’s not one person better than him. You know, in the field and with heart, him and Alex, they are truthfully up and beyond the best attorneys you could ever ask for because they actually do care about the people they take care of.

And you can see it every time they talk, every time they walk, the way they conduct themselves. Perfect team, and it’s a rare thing these days to find people with heart. I would definitely, absolutely, recommend Chopra and Nocerino to anybody I know, or anybody that got injured. They’re absolutely, 100%, the go to people.

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